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April Godby April Godby lifestyle picture
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The Team

April Godby

Chris Michael

Christine Borders

Ashleigh Graham-Smith

Emily Damron

Shannon Lester

Rikki Meckstroth

Megan Ramey-Keelin

Tom Pickens

Levi Durfee

Alex Vance

Jake Gutshall

John Narcise

Craig Davis

Molly Morgan

Vice President - Operations


April is the nucleus of Bulldog Creative Services. Her ability to manage the thousands of pieces of information that come in and out of Bulldog is mind blowing. She keeps our accounts organized and current day in and day out. April's talents don't stop at the front desk as she is also an accomplished photographer. Much of her work can be seen in the many client collateral materials that come from Bulldog Creative. Another graduate of Marshall University, April enjoys gardening, traveling, and working out. We’ve decided to add security guard to her title; look at those guns!

After working in the advertising industry for most of his professional life, Chris Michael opened the doors at Bulldog Creative Services in 1999. Chris began as a one-man team and has successfully grown the company into what it is today. He continues to wear many hats at Bulldog, remaining just as involved with clients as he was when the doors opened, serving as an account executive, designer, producer and more. A graduate of Ball State University, Chris is married with two boys and enjoys keeping up with them on the ski slopes and greens. Fore!

Vice President - Creative Services


An accomplished and award-winning designer, Christine has been with Bulldog since 2004. Her design contributions to clients have been featured in local, regional and national publications. She’s not only an integral part of team Bulldog, but a great asset to the Huntington community, playing a tremendous role in the design and painting of two viaduct murals and Huntington in Bloom. A graduate of Marshall University, Christine enjoys spending time with her family, painting and going all HGTV on her Huntington abode.

Director of Client Services


Working directly with clients to facilitate their advertising and marketing needs as well as coordinating efforts with the creative team is Ashleigh's forte. Her ability to manage the projects and keep all teams on task is respected by her clients and her colleagues. An accomplished media buyer and project manager, Ashleigh joined Bulldog in 2007 and has been a vital part of our company since her very first day. A graduate of Marshall University, Ashleigh is married with two sweet girls and enjoys Mountaineer sports, entertaining and cooking – holy guacamole!

Account Executive


Although we’re thrilled to have another travel-loving-T-Swift fan on our team, Emily brings a lot more to the table than just jet-setting and jamming out to early 2000’s hip hop. Emily conducted research for her 2015 NSAC team, which won 3rd place in the district and grew her interest in account management. When she’s not at Bulldog you can find her at the movies, eating Chipotle, or trying to improve her self-proclaimed “atrocious” golf game. (Sometimes all three at once!) Watch out for this University of Kentucky graduate when the Bulldog Battle comes around. She takes March Madness seriously. #AyyyMustBetheMoney

Account Executive


Shannon is no stranger to the ins and outs of advertising and marketing. After an internship with Bulldog, a study abroad adventure in the UK, and finishing up her BA in Advertising, Shannon is now a full time Account Executive with us! She’s one of Bulldog’s few avid cat lovers, a British Bake-Off obsessor and loves to help her clients solve their challenges using marketing and advertising strategies.

Account Coordinator


Although she was born and raised in Huntington, Rikki has a heart for the Florida sun! After spending two years of her college career in Tampa she moved back to H-town and got her degree in marketing from Marshall University. Right after graduating Rikki joined #teambulldog and is a perfect fit on the accounts team because of her love for client-customer relationships. When she isn’t at the office you can find her at Rocco’s Ristorante, Ritter Park, or of course, in Florida!

Megan is a truly unique individual that has the 'mad skilz' that many of our clients appreciate. An award-winning designer, Megan works directly with many clients and their teams to produce incredible outcomes. Megan joined the Bulldog team in 2007 and has made positive contributions in many areas ever since. Another graduate of Marshall University, Megan came to Bulldog after working within the advertising industry since leaving school. Our resident 'Craft Queen', Megan can turn another man's trash into treasures and knit you a whole new wardrobe in no time flat.

Graphic Designer


Coming to us all the way from South Charleston, WV, team Bulldog has recruited yet another Marshall University grad – Go Herd! Tom is a multi-talented graphic designer and animator, bringing a unique perspective and new set of talents to our award-winning creative team. In his spare time, you can find him skateboarding really fast down the streets of Huntington, playing the guitar, or pacifying his OCD tendencies by organizing his 30,000-song iTunes library or vacuuming in formulaic patterns.

Interactive Director


A graduate of Marshall University, Levi joined the Bulldog team in April 2011 and immediately began making huge contributions to client projects. He assists many of our clients with interactive designs, functional programming for interactive tools, design of web platforms and more. In his spare time, Levi likes to hang out with friends and watch a Cincinnati Reds or Marshall game as often as possible if he’s not too busy drinking protein shakes and pumping iron.

Alex Vance first joined Bulldog as a web developer in early 2012. After moving to Austin, Texas in 2014 and completing a web development bootcamp, Alex brought his new skills back home. We're thrilled to have him back to assist our clients with interactive designs and functional programming. Outside of work, Alex enjoys all things Marshall athletics and gambling. Before each poker game, you can find Alex in his bedroom jumping rope and listening to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face.”

Although most of us are graduates of Marshall, we're thrilled to have a Mountaineer on the team! Jake started his career in web development as a student intern at West Virginia University. Since then, he was able to develop his skills at a large firm in Washington, D.C., but knew he wanted to end up back in the mountains. Outside of work, Jake enjoys camping, fishing and relaxing in his boat on the lake.

John, otherwise known as Pip, has a knack and passion for web development. After learning how to code from his former roommate, John graduated from Mountwest Community & Technical College and grew his skills to land a web developer position with the Bulldog team. He hopes to use his knowledge to better the Huntington community and when he isn’t coding awesome sites he’s probably playing guitar, eating No.1 Kitchen, or enjoying live music at the V-Club.

Interactive Producer


Born and raised in Lubbock, Texas, Craig has been calling the Huntington area home since 2001. Touting more than 19 years on the video production scene, Craig is experienced in both the broadcast and agency arenas. He considers himself lucky to be paid to do what he loves, and we consider ourselves lucky to have Craig on our team. When he’s not cranking out killer HD videos and commercials, Craig loves being outdoors, spending time with his son, and rocking out on his guitar.

Office Assistant


Molly joined the team in the spring of 2016, and we are more than happy to have her on board! She is the first one people talk to when they call or visit Bulldog, but this Star Wars fanatic does so much more that makes her an integral part of our team. She moved to Huntington from Logan, WV in 2008 and graduated from Mountwest with an associate degree in allied health. In her spare time, Molly enjoys playing the latest immersive RPGs, baking, painting, laughing with her friends, and spending time with her toy poodle and cats.